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Shipping & Returns

Methods And Delivery

We mainly use EMS (Global Express Mail Service) to send your product; sometimes we also accept other express service, such as UPS and DHL. Total deliveries from China to North America, Western Europe, Oceania countries usually takes 3-7 days. And transported to other countries in need 7-14 days. Here, we are committed to sending your items in 12-24 hours.

Double Sided Declaration

We guarantee sided clearance, which means that the export and import duties are our responsibility, you do not need to pay any fees; We also ensure safe delivery to your address.

Shipping Notice

You will receive notification about the shipment and the tracking number of your parcel email confirmation, we send your project. With this tracking number, you can track your package sent to you by us, progress in the same e-mail site. Remember, it may take up to five days before the online tracking has updated your package.

Delivery Delay

The following facts may delay the delivery:

1, your order is large quantities, so we need more time to prepare your product. If the order is too large, one-time delivery, we only need to divide them and send them out several times.

2, special day: Orders will be delayed shipped out on special occasions, such as weekends, holidays and other special days. As our customers will be turned off, we need additional time to process orders.

3, weather or other reasons: General delivery is always 7-10 days, but due to weather or other reasons, the delivery may need more days.

For Foreign Exchange

If you are returning the exchange, please send email to us your return authorization number, and order your exchange program. Order your exchange program will better ensure availability. We will refund your purchase price once we receive your return. If you choose not to order, you still must call to obtain a return authorization number. Once this authorization, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the receipt of the completed form.

Returns Shipping: Customers will be responsible for any charge to ship the item to us. If you think someone is wrong in your order, please contact customer service.

Items returned exchange: If the desired product out of stock, the rate of return will be considered in exchange for a refund, we will issue a refund minus the original free shipping cost six dollars, we will notify you by e-mail about the refund .

Worn items: used or worn items will not authorize non-defective product returns are accepted. Please call if you think your project is flawed. All returns and exchanges must be new, no wear and tear.

In Exchange For A Refund

To return your product refund, please give us a return authorization number of e-mail and follow the instructions at the bottom of the receipt of the completed form.

Returns must include the shoebox and all accessories: original box and all accessories must be included or a charge may apply. The products and accessories must be in the shipping box to restore packaging. Taped shoeboxes will not be refunded.

Please allow 14 business days to receive and process your returned merchandise. Please allow as much credit two billing cycles appear on your credit card bill.

If you have any additional shipping inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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